Lexatin and alcohol: side effects

As a general rule, medications and alcohol should never be mixed , in many cases drugs can form a very dangerous, even deadly, cocktail. Today we want to dedicate this blog to the effects that alcohol can cause by mixing it with drugs such as Lexatin. In Lexatin and Alcohol: Side effects, we want you to know what Lexatin is, what it is for, what side effects it can cause and what dangers it contains.

Lexatin and alcohol: side effects

What is Lexatin?

Benzodiazepines are one of the most prescribed drugs in the world. Marks such as Valium (active principle Diazepam), Xanax (active principle alprozalam) or Lexatin (active principle Bromazepan). They are benzodiaceipinas. Lexatin specifically contain bromazepam which at low doses can relieve stress, anxiety and nervousness. If administered at higher doses have sedative effects and acts as a muscle relaxant.


Lexatin is also prescribed in people with crises of anguish , neurosis and social phobia. In most cases treatment with this drug should not exceed two weeks and should always start with low doses. The doctor will increase the doses progressively until the optimal effect is achieved. It is usually recommended between 1.5 and 3 mg up to three times a day.

What is Lexatin for?

Lexatin forms part of the so-called benzodiazepine drugs since the bromazepan , one of its main compounds taken in low doses provides states of relaxation and tranquility relieving the states of anxiety, tension and nervousness.

Lexatin and alcohol: side effects

Lexatin is especially indicated in individuals with anxiety problems, nerves, insomnia or depression. Normally this type of ailments do not occur only with this type of psychological symptoms, but they can also be aggravated by alterations in heart rhythm, respiratory problems or even stomach ailments. Lexatin will also alleviate this type of attached symptomatology.

Then to the question of what are the treatments with Lexatin for? , these are mainly prescribed by the doctors to treat cases of:

  • Anxiety
  • Anguish
  • Depression
  • Insomnia

Consequences of taking Lexatin

Lexatin and alcohol: side effects

Each patient will take a personalized dose , depending on the type of response of the patient and the type of disorder suffered. The stipulated average amount can vary between 4.5 mg and 9 mg, divided into 3 doses separated by 8 hours. These amounts may vary according to the doctor who is treating the condition.

Consequences after proper use of Lexatin

The use of any type of drugs can cause more or less serious side effects.It is one of the most used forms in suicides because it produces sleep, loss of consciousness and finally death due to respiratory arrest. It is therefore urgent to transfer the patient to the hospital.

Dangers of mixing Lexatin and alcohol

If you are being treated with Lexatin, drinking alcohol is dangerous since both substances have depressant effects on the nervous system. By mixing Lexatin and alcohol, the sedation is enhanced, the person can feel so relaxed that they fall asleep even at the wheel, which implies both for the individual and for third parties.

 Lexatin and alcohol

Of course, whenever a patient takes a drug such as Lexatin, must follow a series of precautions to avoid endangering or endangering others. Among the side effects of taking lexatin, as we have seen are:

  • Somnolence
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Tiredness

To all these effects we must add the effects of alcohol , to realize that it is a time bomb. If a person is totally irresponsible, mixing lextín with alcohol or with any other type of drug or harmful substance such as cannabis, cocaine, cannabis or other designer drugs, the beneficial effects of Lexatín will disappear.

Lexatin and alcohol: side effects

Benzodiazepine will prevent the good functioning of certain neuronal receptors, so it will change the way we react to other substances, being able to turn against ourselves, causing the person who has consumed alcohol to enter a coma, which in some cases may be irreversible or even deadly.

The effect of mixing Lexatin and alcohol also affects the immune system and increase the likelihood of infections.

In addition there are other consequences such as be the destruction of neurons in a significant amount, causes memory loss, disorientation, confusion, aggression and agitation . In this way, a drug that aims to improve our quality of life, can become a deadly weapon for us and for others.

Therefore, anyone taking benzodiazepines and alcohol is taking a serious risk, which can endanger his life and that of many other people. If this is your case or you know someone who is suffering this ask for help to phones like the one of FAD, foundation of help against drug addiction (900 16 15 15) . Or to the phone of Projected Man from your location.

Benzodiazepine and Drug Effects

Serious Side Effects

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