What is glucomannan and what is it for?

There are many nutritional supplements that help us reduce our weight in a balanced and healthy way, not all are miracle dietary supplements that are useless. In other entries we have seen other effective supplements and, in today's post, we will see glucomannan. Some of the questions we will answer are: what is glucomannan and what is glucomannan for? What properties and benefits of glucomannan are healthy for our body? All this and many interesting facts and curiosities, you will find in this post.

What is glucomannan

The first question that we are sure is what glucomannan is. This nutritional supplement is obtained from a tubercle from Asia, called konjac, which causes us to feel satiated and have less appetite, therefore, it is used very often in diets. This plant belongs to the family of amorphophallus . It is a single-leaved perennial that has a limited production of purple flowers.

How is glucomannan extracted from konjac? From the root and the rhizome of the konjac, the glucomannan fiber is extracted. One of the properties of glucomannan is that it absorbs water and, with this water, generates a thick gel. This thick gel is what will make us feel fuller and sated and thus avoid eating more without being hungry. We can buy this dietary supplement in any pharmacy, herbalists and even in large supermarkets.

The glucomannan fiber allows us to regulate the levels of fiber , but it is true that we should not rely solely on this food supplement, but should be supplemented with a diet rich in soluble foods, such as vegetables, fruits and vegetables, for example.

What is glucomannan for?

What is glucomannan for? Glucomannan is used more and more to treat those cases of overweight or for those who want to reduce their weight. The most important thing that we should never forget, is that glucomannan is a complement to our balanced diet, never a substitute. This means that we must maintain a balanced diet and exercise regularly, this along with glucomannan is the perfect diet to reduce weight effectively, healthy and in a short time.

How does glucomannan work? The diet rich in glucomannan causes our stomach to swell, making us feel that we are already sated and, as a result, preventing us from eating more caloric foods, thus reducing appetite and our need to eat. Also, this supplement has laxative powers since glucomannan also increases the volume of feces in order to regulate and control the intestinal flora and, therefore, has a cleansing and purifying effect on our body.

It is also important to emphasize that glucomannan is not the direct cause of the reduction of our weight, but that it helps our body to lose weight, if we also follow a balanced diet .

Likewise, glucomannan fiber does not provide no calories to our body since our body does not digest this fiber.This nutritional supplement gives us many sensations to our body. The first of these, when mixed with some liquid, the glucomannan becomes a thick gel that makes us feel fuller and sated . For these properties, glucomannan consumption is quite common in balanced diets to reduce weight, either in people who are overweight or not.

Glucomannan fiber is very healthy for our body, as it helps us to regulate our intestinal flora by cleaning and purifying it of the toxins that remain in our intestines.

Because of the satiating effects, it also helps us to regulate the levels of cholesterol and of sugars .

The price of this supplement varies depending on the country in which we are. In general, the average price of glucomannan is between 6 and 10 euros and depends largely on the quality of the products obtained, the quantity and the stores. The presentation of glucomannan comes in tablets or powders. The difference between one and another is that with the tablets one has a standard dose, while with the powders, one determines the dose that is going to be taken. It may seem that a standard dose is more appropriate than one that we determine, but the truth is that we can regulate the levels of consumption and increase gradually as we see that our diet progresses and the same to reduce it. In general, glucomannan is cheap and, due to the current demand, very accessible to all.

As with all food supplements, there are some groups that are sensitive to these substances. In the case of glucomannan, diabetic people should consult a specialist on a diet rich in glucomannan for the possible effects of reducing sugar levels in their health. Also, there are other groups that must also consular with the doctor glucomannan consumption, such as people suffering from digestive disease, children, pregnant women and mothers who can give birth, among others.