Orfidal: what it's for and side effects

Until a few years ago, the best-selling drug was aspirin, but at present it is another very different one, the orfidal , the drug that is becoming indispensable in our medicine cabinet. It is not new that stress has settled in our lives and, due to the pace that society imposes on us, it seems complicated that we will be able to get rid of it. Therefore, more and more people are turning to drugs that help to calm their anxious states .

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A Then we will explain to you what the orfidal is and what it is for , besides, it is important that you know its side effects and how to take it to get to sleep and control the anxiety.

What is and what is the purpose of the orfidal

The orfidal is the tranquilizer and anxiolytic most consumed worldwide. In its chemical composition is lorazepam, and usually sold in boxes of 25 or 50 tablets, which contain a milligram of lorazepam.

The orfidal is used to treat problems of anxiety, nerves or insomnia, that is, all those common disorders that occur especially when we are suffering from a stressful situation.

orfidal or lorazepam controls anxiety and relaxes us without interfering with our normal and daily activities, for this reason it is one of the most recommended anxiolytics. In addition, it is usually prescribed as a supplement for people who are receiving treatment for depression, either a therapeutic treatment or with psychotropic drugs.

However, the orfidal is a strong medicine , and for this reason it is also indicated for patients suffering from epilepsy or for those people who are going through a withdrawal syndrome after leaving alcohol.

Side effects of orfidal

As we said before, the orfidal is a strong medicine and, being one of the most sold, does not mean that its consumption is safe. All medications have side effects and risks to people's health and the orfidal could not be an exception, especially when it is a tranquilizer that is prescribed with somnolent effects.

The consumption of orfidal can cause a rather high degree of drowsiness . Therefore, it is necessary to take it just before going to sleep and never consume it during the day or if we have to carry out any activity. Of course, we will never take orfidal if we have to drive or carry out any action that involves some kind of danger, because the medicine will leave us weak and sleepy.

Apart from these normal effects of the tranquilizer, > orfidal can cause other types of unwanted effects , such as fatigue, muscle weakness and even blurred vision. Sometimes we can experience a low tension, swelling of the skin and heart problems. And even if it seems contradictory, the orfidal can give us a little anxiety.

One issue that concerns us in relation to anxiolytics is related to sexuality. The consumption of psychotropic drugs can alter sexual capacity.Insomnia can cause real havoc in the physical and mental health of people, and may even lead to negative changes in our personality.

It is not strange that, due to circumstances beyond our control, we are not able to fall in Morfeo's arms, let's go out in search of remedies that help us to relax and sleep. One of the most commonly used methods when other natural remedies have failed, is the use of sleeping pills, such as orfidal .

If this is your case, and the doctor has prescribed orfidal, you must take it following the instructions of your doctor. Normally, the consumption of orfidal is usually half a tablet of one milligram of lorazepam, between two and three times a day. The dose can be extended to one whole tablet, with a maximum limit of three milligrams daily.

You can take the orfidal with meals or outside it, accompanied by a glass of water or some liquid, but never together with alcoholic beverages.

The dose of orfidal will have to be decreased little by little, since stopping treatment suddenly can be harmful. Orfidal sleep and anxiety should be taken in a controlled manner.

If you are allergic to lorazepam, have respiratory or liver problems, never take

b> Also, do not do it if you suffer from obstructive sleep apnea, or if you are pregnant. In the case of pregnant women, your doctor will tell you whether or not you can take it and at what dose.

If you have trouble sleeping or suffer from anxiety, remember also the importance of leading a healthy life , follow guidelines of adequate sleep, a balanced diet and set aside time in the day to devote to activities that you like, relax and fill you with enthusiasm.

Practice yoga or go to therapies that help you to control stress, could be of great help to you, so you do not need to resort to medications frequently.

Can you get orfidal without a prescription?

To acquire orfidal in pharmacies you need a prescription . Do not forget that it is a medication that must be taken in a controlled manner, and that, in addition, treatment with orfidal is personalized, because not everyone needs the same amounts.

On the other hand, this psychotropic drug can produce important side effects that should be controlled, especially if a pathology is suffered or consumed. along with other medications.
Also, the orfidal can create addiction. Therefore, it is recommended to use it only when necessary. On the other hand, the orfidal is a medication that needs control not only to take it, but also for its detoxification, because it has to be stopped little by little. If you leave it suddenly, it can have negative effects on your health.