Good cholesterol: what it is and how to increase it

We will now talk about the so-called good cholesterol , perhaps less known than bad cholesterol. We will explain what it is and how we can increase it .

The good cholesterol is the high density lipoprotein cholesterol , known by its acronym in English HDL, which comes to be, in short, what collects bad cholesterol, sweeps it say it, to end up taking it to the liver where it is eliminated. It is something that our body produces naturally and is very useful to reduce the level of blood cholesterol.

What is good cholesterol

To know what is the good cholesterol , first we must take into account that cholesterol is useful for nerve fibers, and also belongs to the group of fats or lipids. It is also useful for the balance of hormones, and also for certain acids, such as bile.

As we say, the good cholesterol is high density lipoproteins, which perform the vital function of eliminating excess cholesterol , which we have in our body. The ideal is to have a level above 60 mg/dl , although the more good cholesterol we have in the blood, the better.

Another function of good cholesterol is to eliminate blockages that may occur in the arteries, and transport excess bad cholesterol to the liver, so that it is, in this way, automatically expelled.

The levels are also this way, High HDL and Low LDL , if we had them in reverse, low HDL and high LDL , we should urgently make a serious modification of our diet and we should change some aspects of our lifestyle. It is essential that we try to raise as long as we can our HDL levels. Obesity is usually responsible for having low HDL and high LDL. Exercise plays a fundamental role in this aspect. Also reduce gas and stop smoking and drinking.

On the other hand, we must clarify that the bad cholesterol is that of low anxiety, which accumulates in the walls of the arteries, blocks the circulation of blood to the heart and increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases, so we must keep a check on it. It is advisable to have it at a level lower than 100 mg/DL and not higher than 160 mg/DL. The sedentary life, excess alcohol, smoking and diets with excess fat can cause this bad cholesterol to increase.

Why is good cholesterol important

The > Good cholesterol is important because prevents from diseases of the heart, protects the body from cardiovascular, cerebrovascular and attack diseases to important organs of the body. That is, we need the good cholesterol for the healthy function of our body.

We are before a machine to eliminate cholesterol, to cleanse the body, of this substance that could be harmful, in the case of staying in our body.

There are several studies that have shown that people who have high levels of HDL, have much less risk of suffering cardiovascular diseases . It can also help the good cholesterol to fight atherosclerosis, which is a disease of the heart, which has plaque and fat accumulation in the walls of the arteries.

Good cholesterol is a way to protect against future accidents of cardiovascular character.With this test, we can determine if we should change our diet or we do not need to. Women, who have not had menopause, usually have higher HDL levels than men.

HDL, a key part of good cholesterol, also serves as protection against brain accidents for its anti-inflammatory character.

Also, we must make a balance to take a correct amount of HDL cholesterol, and that we need the inherent fats, although we must maintain a low level of LDL at the same time as a high level of HDL. In the system we find the two types of cholesterol together, but the good cholesterol helps to eliminate the bad cholesterol .

How to increase the good cholesterol

As we have highlighted above, we can increase good cholesterol , HDL cholesterol, with healthy lifestyle habits. That is, avoiding overweight, performing exercise regularly, avoiding excess fat and also avoiding abusive use of alcohol and, of course, avoiding alcohol.

Regular aerobic exercise not only increases HDL cholesterol, but also also ends up reducing bad cholesterol, so it is a fundamental activity that we must do, if we want to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Dietary measures include avoiding fat products trans, as far as possible and refined carbohydrates.

Diet, as we see is essential, since it is also recommended to change saturated fats for monounsaturated and polyunsaturated. Fats that are present in those products of vegetable origin, as well as in nuts and avocados.

To increase the levels of good cholesterol, we have a product that is a kind of vitamin B3, called niacin Niacin usually raises HDL levels by 20 percent, a percentage that may be even higher in other people. Obviously, we have to take niacin with the authorization of a doctor, since in some cases it could hurt some organs, such as the liver.

High levels of HDL can appear in the body widening the arterial walls, and making them therefore healthier and safer to transport blood. The HDL, which contrasts with bad cholesterol or LDL, low intensity lipoproteins, sweeps through all the tissues of the body to take it to the recycling bin, which would be the liver. Cholesterol levels are always measured in milligrams per deciliter . HDL less than 50 in women and 40 in men can contribute to heart disease.

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